Chubby woman is looking for man for sex

Chubby She is looking for man

Hello, I am female 30 years, Chubby 1.65cm tall, looking for a man for sex.
I’m open to everything! whether from behind in the butt, or doggy style,

Left side right … As you like best I do everything
If you like chubby women and you need something to tackle then you are here
precisely. I do not care if it’s old or young, but the main thing down there is 😉 I need it
really hardt! Alos if you’re up for a horny chubby woman then just sign up 🙂

If you like also exchange numbers!
or you just sign up here under my post if you’re upset;) then you can do everything else
then clarify.

So I’m looking forward to

Fat woman is looking for man for sex

Hey I’m a chubby woman and looking for a man for sex spontaneously.
I can offer you exactly the same as other women who are not as chubby as me 🙂
I do not care if you are slim or something chubby like me!

the most important is whether you also insist that a woman has something more on her ribs than normal.
If you like we can write about Wahtsapp, or otherwise I do not care irgentwass
will be there for both of us;)

If you also want a picture of me, I would like to send you one as well as in return I also get one
then we know schonmal again he looks different

As I said, you will miss nothing! I love hot sex and hope you can offer me that too 😉
So is Bock? and today still spontaneous?

Then just contact me

So right up to 😉

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